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THE LAMONT APARTMENTS: 1810-1830 Lamont Street; Pullman, Wa 99163

Located away from the congestion of campus One Bedroom Apartments NW 1810-1830 Lamont PULLMAN, WA, 99163

Exterior picture of The Lamont Apartments on Lamont Street in Pullman, Wa


1810 Lamont Street, apartment 1

1810 Lamont Street, apartment 2

1810 Lamont Street, apartment 3

1810 Lamont Street, apartment 4

1810 Lamont Street, apartment 5

1810 Lamont Street, apartment 6

1810 Lamont Street, apartment 7

1810 Lamont Street, apartment 8

1810 Lamont Street, apartment 10

1810 Lamont Street, apartment 11

1810 Lamont Street, apartment 12

1830 Lamont Street, aptartment 13

1830 Lamont Street, aptartment 14

1830 Lamont Street, aptartment 15

1830 Lamont Street, aptartment 16

1830 Lamont Street, aptartment 17

1830 Lamont Street, aptartment 21

1830 Lamont Street, aptartment 22

1830 Lamont Street, aptartment 23

1830 Lamont Street, aptartment 24




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The Lamont Apartments feature two buildings imposingly perched on Military Hill. They are a few blocks from Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, about 1/2 mile from Dismores IGA, McDonald's, Starbucks and five other food establishments. They're less than a mile from the WSU Coliseum and downtown Pullman.They're very near Pullman's Hybrid Bus System, which is free to all students and WSU employees. The buildings are surrounded by lots of open ground. This creates a real feeling of un-crowdedness and of a higher quality of living space. Each building has only twelve one-bedroom apartments with lots of closet space and reserved covered parking. What's especially nice is the additional lockable storage space in front of each reserved parking space. So convenient! These buildings have been a longtime favorite with graduate students and young couples. These sunny, light-filled apartments are easy and inexpensive to heat, are a joy to live in and have been occupied by many satisfied longtime residents. There are laundry facilities on the premises,

This building has been thoroughly weatherized by Avista for maximum efficiency.
  • One bedroom apartments
  • 484 sq. ft.
  • Covered carport parking
  • Free lockable storage in front of each carport
  • Water, hot water, garbage/sewer fee -- free of charge (many apartment complexes don't offer all of this free!)
  • Heat efficient
  • Laundry facilities on site
  • Sunny, light-filled apartments
  • Indoor access to all apartments
  • Stove and Refrigerator
  • Cable-ready
  • Truly spacious grounds
  • Classier living
  • Quiet neighborhood
  • Near Washington State University
  • Close to A-route bus stop
  • Completely weatherized by Avista
  • Professional management
Floor plan of one-bedrooms at The Lamont Apartments, 1810-1830Lamont Street in Pullman, Wa

Layout of The Lamont Apartments, 1810-1830 Lamont Street in Pullman, Wa

Layout of The Lamont Apartments, 1810 Lamont Street in Pullman, Wa

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