Apartment Rentals: Zephyr Apartments: Moscow, ID: apartment 7

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RENTING TO STUDENTS AND NON-STUDENTS FOR NOW AND FOR FALL 2022. REASONABLE RATES, BEST VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY. TRULY IN GREAT DEMAND (Verify here and here). (We offer cash scholarships to top undergraduates).


THE ZEPHYR APARTMENTS: 410 S. Lilly, apartment 7; Moscow, Id 83843

410 S. Lilly (The Zephyr Apartments), apt. 7
Apartment entry -- through a weather-protected corridor. Good dirt and temperature control -- health and pocket advantages.
Cozy living room, inviting comfort, sufficient and efficient, right next to campus -- perfect for a serious student.
From the kitchen area: the living room and bedroom beyond -- nice living environment.
Cozy efficiency-kitchen, tucked in one side of the living room -- smart design!
410 S. Lilly (The Zephyr Apartments), apt. 7
Cozy and efficient -- all you actually need -- compact and neat.
410 S. Lilly (The Zephyr Apartments), apt. 7
Compact and entirely sufficient -- all you really want.
410 S. Lilly (The Zephyr Apartments), apt. 7
Large living room window provides sufficient natural light for the living room and the kitchen.
Bedroom - a placid place to recharge for another productive learning day.
410 S. Lilly (The Zephyr Apartments), apt. 7
From the bedroom, the closet, a glimpse of the kitchen and the vanity.
An advanced idea: the vanity is in the bedroom-- available when the bathroom may not be.
The bathroom split in two: vanity and the rest. It's nice to have access to the vanity when the toilet is occupied!
The shower stall in the bathroom.
410 S. Lilly (The Zephyr Apartments), apt. 7
A better bathroom idea: the vanity has been separated from the toilet and shower stall.

Next to UI campus, extremely well-insulated with weather-sheltered indoor entryway; a reasonably priced, ideal environment for serious students. Here's the floor plan and here's the building's layout. 

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