Apartment Rentals: Elysian Fourplexes: Moscow, ID: 404 Ponderosa, apartment 202.

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Announcing the acquisition of The Glendimer Apartments, now named Glendimer One, Glendimer Two, Glendimer Three, Glendimer Four and Aegis Two.

OUR APARTMENTS ARE REALLY IN GREAT DEMAND (Verify here and here). GRAB YOURS NOW! (We offer cash scholarships to top undergraduates).


THE ELYSIAN FOURPLEXES: 404 Ponderosa Court, apartment 202; Moscow, Id 83843

Fourplex entry
Fourplex entry.
Fourplex interior corridor
Apartment entry is indoors in a weather-sheltered corridor. This is not only convenient but also controls costly heat loss, and reduces dirt coming into your apartment.
Apartment entry
Apartment entry with double locks for added security.
Spacious livingroom with built-in bookshelves and large duopane window.Bedroom
Large duopane window in the livingroom.
Kitchen and livingroom
Standing in the dining room: the kitchen on the left, the livingroom ahead on the right.
Livingroom and diningroom
From the livingroom: the apartment entry and the dining room beyond.
Very efiicient kitchen with stackable washer and dryer.
The kitchen has its own natural lighting.
Bedroom closet.
Bedroom closet.
Bedroom closet.
Linen closet
Linen closet in the corridor.
Neatly tiled tub and shower bathroom with opaque window for natural lighting and privacy.
Each apartment has its own clean air filter furnace -- you do not breathe your neighbors’ air! Your own air gets cleaned constantly to help keep you healthier. Are you able to appreciate how important this is to your physical health, mental clarity and overall success in life?

The Elysian is the best value for the savvy and health-conscious renter. Spacious and uncrowded indoors and outdoors with more privacy for quiet enjoyment. Always reasonably priced. Here's the floor plan, and here's the layout of the complex.

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