Apartment Rentals: West View Terrace Apartments, 1138 Markley, Pullman, WA: apartment 7.

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RENTING TO STUDENTS AND NON-STUDENTS FOR NOW AND FOR FALL 2021. REASONABLE RATES, BEST VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY. TRULY IN GREAT DEMAND (Verify here and here). (We offer cash scholarships to top undergraduates).


THE WEST VIEW TERRACE APARTMENTS: 1138 Markley Drive, apartment 7; Pullman, Wa 99163

Entry to apartment
Apartment entry.
entryway closet
A large coat closet by the apartment entryway.
A huge livingroom!
Livingroom -- large space extravaganza.
Another snapshot of the livingroom with a large window -- a great entry point for natural lighting.
livingroom and kichen
A beautiful shot of the livingroom, diningroom and kitchen areas.
livingroom and kitchen
Another shot of the above with a peak at the interior corridor leading to the bedtooms and bathroom.
kitchen/dining area
Well-designed, standard kitchen with lots of upper and lower cupboards.
Solid and reliable apartment appliances.
At the interior corridor, catching a glimpse of the bathroom on the left.
All the bedroom space you'll need.
Generous bedroom closet and sizeable window for ample natural lighting.
Additional bedroom images.
Additional bedroom images.
Additional bedroom images.
This private bedroom space can be put to great recreative use. Good spot to sleep, exercise and meditate.
A two-bedroom at The West View Terrace Apartments, 1138 Markley Drive, apartment 8 in Pullman, Wa
Contemporary bathroom, full tub-and-shower, huge mirror, two sinks.
The two sinks will come in handy when rushing to class.
A two-bedroom at The West View Terrace Apartments, 1138 Markley Drive, apartment 8 in Pullman, Wa
Contemporary, full tub and shower, fiberglass surround looks good and clean, stays clean. 

A superb location close to campus, adjacent to shops and in uncrowded grounds. Lots of space, closets galore, plentiful parking and exceptional indoor quietness; laundries and storage. Here are the floor plans, and  here's  the apartment's location in the complex. 

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