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THE LETHE APARTMENTS: 1605-1635 Valley Road NE; Pullman, Wa 99163

Enhanced Privacy -- Close to WSU campus Two Bedroom Apartments 1605 Valley Road PULLMAN, WA, 99163

Exterior picture of The Lethe I Apartments, 1605 Valley Road, Pullman, Wa


Lethe I: 1605 Valley Road, #1

Lethe I: 1605 Valley Road, #3

Lethe I: 1605 Valley Road, #5

Lethe I: 1605 Valley Road, #6

Lethe I: 1605 Valley Road, #7

Lethe I: 1605 Valley Road, #8

Lethe II: 1635 Valley Road, #1

Lethe II: 1635 Valley Road, #2

Lethe II: 1635 Valley Road, #3

Lethe II: 1635 Valley Road, #4





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Both Lethe I and Lethe II feature roomy two-bedroom apartment homes. The Lethe Apartments are located one half mile from the WSU Coliseum on the north side of campus. These great apartments have balconies or patios off the dining room and a very spacious living room, the right place to relax, study or do some entertaining. In addition to the front entry, each apartment has its own breezeway entry off the dining area. Probably the most unique feature is that NO WALLS ARE SHARED, as ample covered breezeways buffer each apartment as if it were a private, stand-alone dwelling. In fact, there's a broad covered breezway between apartments as if space and building cost considerations were set aside, as if indeed a statement were inscribed in stone that privacy really mattered for those who are not only able to appreciate but seek it.This twelve-unit complex is on the Pullman bus route, and is within walking distance from WSU.

There are two laundries in the corridors of Lethe I; these laundries are available to Lethe II tenants.

Note on Lethe II:
The floorplan is identical to Lethe I. Probably the most striking feature of The Lethe II Apartments by far is enhanced privacy. Another characteristic of this building is the way it's ensconced against the berm further augmenting the privacy theme. This is a great spot for peace and quiet, for study and contemplation, indeed for quality living.

Both Lethe I and Lethe II have been thoroughly weatherized by Avista for maximum heating efficiency.

  • Two bedroom apartments
  • 829 sq. ft.
  • Large spacious living room
  • Large balconies
  • Laundry facility on site
  • Stove and Refrigerator
  • Cable-ready
  • Free off-street parking
  • Within walking distance of WSU
  • Great location in Pullman
  • Close to bus stop
  • Completely weatherized by Avista
  • Professional in-house management
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Floor plan of the two-bedrooms at The Lethe I Apartments, 1605 Valley Road, Pullman, Wa

Lethe 2 Layout

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