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Close to East City Park and Lena Whitmore Elementary School Three Bedroom House 206 Garfield Street MOSCOW, ID 83843
An exterior picture of the house on 206 Garfield Street in Moscow, Id




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Conveniently located on the east side of Moscow and looking partly toward Moscow Mountain and beyond, this spacious home is located in a tranquil cul-de-sac near East City Park and the well-known Lena Whitmore Elementary School, both of which are about half a block away. Among its many extras, this home features a mud room. A mud room or mud room is found infrequently. It is built into some houses to act as a buffer between outdoors and indoors. Especially in regions with wet, muddy winters, a mud room can be easily appreciated as it helps to keep the house clean. It can literally keep the mud out off both people and animals serving as an intermediate boundary between the outdoors and the indoors.
  • Three bedroom house with one bathroom
  • 1548 sq .ft. (large)
  • Large mud room
  • Large picture windows
  • Beautiful fireplace
  • Built-in shelves and cabinets
  • Stove and Refrigerator
  • Washer and dryer
  • Large built-in freezer
  • Air conditioner (in Living room)
  • Separate outside storage
  • Garage (one car)
  • Huge yard
  • Close to East City Park and Lena Whitmore Elementary
  • Cable-ready
  • Free off-street parking
  • Professional in-house management
Why rent a house? One of the reasons is privacy. You don't share walls and floors and noise with neighbors. Your comings and goings and their comings and goings do not intersect. While living in a house surrounded by a big yard and mature trees, you revel in the spaciousness, charm and uniqueness; you love the layout, and the higher ceiling; really, it's where the nostalgia of yesteryear becomes an actual taste of the past. And if you like to grow things, like your own vegetables, a house is where you surely can. Living in a house gets you closer to feeling at home. Compared with living in an apartment, living in a house is truly a different experience.
Floor plan of the downstairs of the house on 206 Garfield Street in Moscow, Id
Floor plan of the upstairs of the house on 206 Garfield in Moscow, Id

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