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We care about your privacy and aspire to mutual respect in all our dealings with you. We care that all works well in your apartment and that you feel comfortable living in it. We care that you continue getting your money's worth from us. As a case in point, one of our hot water heaters malfunctioned at one of our West View Terrace apartments. We could have saved over a thousand dollars had we waited one more day to get the replacement item from another town, but we opted to absorb the higher cost in order to restore service as soon as was humanly possible -- one day sooner. We strive to earn and deserve your patronage. We are especially grateful to many of you, who have rented for years from us and continue to bring others to rent from us.

Because we are an owner-supervised apartment company and manage only what we own, we are able to make positive changes rapidly. We're the longest running major apartment business in the Moscow/Pullman area -- now approaching forty-five years! We have assembled a great team for our Pullman and Moscow offices, and have also increased our maintenance staff. As a result, we have been experiencing all around improvements.

Our staff is dedicated to doing everything possible to ensure that all works well in your dwelling, and that any arising needs be taken care of promptly. The Pullman and Moscow office and maintenance teams are at the ready to assist you in making your housing experience as hassle-free and pleasurable as is reasonably possible. Accordingly, we would appreciate it if you would let us know whenever one of our staff does or does not do his/her job well. We are serious about serving your housing needs well.

NEW ACQUISITION. The number of our one-bedroom apartments has now risen considerably with the acquisition of 146 units named Glendimer One, Glendimer Two, Glendimer Three, Glendimer Four and Aegis Two. All their laundry machines and hot water heaters have been replaced with brand new equipment.

MAJOR IMPROVEMENTS. In the past few years, we were able to bring a lot of improvements to our properties. This is an ongoing effort. Our goal is to keep improving. Increasingly and to the extent possible, every effort is being made to restore and recondition each apartment to as high a standard as feasible before a new tenant moves in. Indeed, several major projects have been completed.

The Elysian, a 112-apartment complex in Moscow, has been largely renovated. We are truly proud of our accomplishments here. More than 800 new windows have been installed, all buildings have been insulated anew and new siding covers all exterior walls. Perhaps the costliest update has been the complete electrical update of The Elysian Fourplexes. This is a project that had been in the planning for many years, and it's now complete. In addition, all our three-bedroom and some two-bedroom apartments at The Elysian Fourplexes now offer stackable washers and dryers. An aggressive campaign to replace aging furnaces is now complete; new stoves and refrigerators, as well as a record amount of new carpet and laminate flooring have replaced the old. More recently new vanities have been installed in many bathrooms. The grounds received special attention as well, as the sidewalk improvements are now complete. A great deal of value has been put into these apartments. We sincerely believe that this makeover is a contribution to the beauty of our city, and hope that you will agree. Interestingly, from the comments of tenants and our own knowledge, we now know that some recently constructed apartment complexes cannot hold a candle to the structural quality of these buildings. Solid construction means less noise as well as better heat retention characteristics. We can rightfully feel proud of this fact, as it translates to a better living experience for our tenants.

WEATHERIZATION. Avista, the local electricity provider, has upgraded each and every building and apartment with exterior and interior compact fluorescent energy saving lights, and has reinforced attic and crawl space insulation in both our Pullman and Moscow properties. This will insure that maximum savings accrue to our tenants as a result of lowered electricity and heating bills.

VINYL/LAMINATE PLANK FLOORING. Many of our apartments now sport vinyl or laminate plank flooring. We started using laminate several years ago but are now using vinyl exclusively. The two are similar in appearance, but differ somewhat in water resistance, durability and "feel". Maintenance is as simple as can be: simply mop, vacuum or sweep as called for. No special machinery or cleaning products are needed.

While in no way denying the indisputable beauty of plank flooring, its chief benefit may be health. It is believed that harmful microorganisms easily find home in carpets but not so in plank flooring. These noxious organisms become airborne and get breathed in possibly causing allergies.

Another obvious benefit is economical. You never need to rent a carpet cleaner and buy special chemicals, or to hire a carpet cleaning company, all of which cost time and money.

CASH SCHOLARSHIPS. For several years already, Apartment Rentals has awarded Cash Scholarships to qualifying residents. Our lifelong personal association with education is obviously at work here. Cash Scholarships are offered to the highest ranking Washington State University and University of Idaho undergraduates. Academic merit is the only criterion. We are proud to be able to assist deserving students just as we were grateful to receive analogous assistance ourselves during our own student years.

CONTINUING TENANTS. As is the tradition, a new lease must be signed every year. Of course, university schedules play a role as leases, usually but not necessarily, start in August of each year. This is a ritual that neither tenants nor we particularly enjoy. But if you are already renting from us, re-renting could not be simpler. Sometime before your lease expires we may offer you the opportunity to renew on special terms. Please contact us if you wish to use our express renewal. Every year, we are gratified by the record number of renewals. Typically, the exact same lease form gets signed for the coming school year and rate adjustments are made as appropriate, while deposits simply get transfered over to the new lease. And the best news for renewing tenants is the significant discount: Our renewing tenants are especially valued -- they always pay less than the market rate if they stay in the same apartment.

LONG-TERM TENANTS. As we continue to experience a high number of renewals, we feel it's appropriate to extend a heartfelt "thank you" to all who have chosen to stay with us yet another year. We take the opportunity to salute those tenants who have been with us for a very long time, some longer than 20 years!

NEW TENANTS. If you are thinking of renting from us, do it as early in the university rental season as possible as the choice of apartments gets whittled down and rates go up. The first step is to qualify. In most cases, we are able to inform you right away whether you qualify or not. The next step is to secure an apartment. Contact us by email, by phone (Pullman: 509 332 8622, Moscow: 208 882 4721), or by fax (509 332 6886). Using this website will save a lot of time. By the time you are ready to look at your apartment choice, you will be as well-informed as can be. And once you settle on your choice, we will sign the lease. That's all there is to it.

THIS WEBSITE: Our website is now mobile-friendly. This means quick phone access is at your fingertips. In fact, the site is now optimized for all screen sizes. It contains a lot of pertinent and useful information. We simply believe that better information will greatly enhance the likelihood of a hassle-free and satisfying rental experience. Functionality has been our guiding principle. The site is like an open book. You see what our staff sees and are able to make an informed decision about your next apartment without wasting your time. However, a good thing can always become better -- we would therefore be greatful for any suggestions for further improvement.

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