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RENTING TO STUDENTS AND NON-STUDENTS FOR NOW AND FOR FALL 2022. REASONABLE RATES, BEST VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY. TRULY IN GREAT DEMAND (Verify here and here). (We offer cash scholarships to top undergraduates).



We aspire to provide as good a service to our tenants as possible.

Apartments require constant attention. This creates a continuing need for qualified people in various areas, such as management, renting, cleaning, painting, landscaping, repairs, renovation and overall maintenance. We welcome and will consider for employment any qualified applicants at any time as our needs dictate. In particular, we encourage our current tenants to apply for any of these jobs. We pay competitively or at times higher than prevailing local rates.

We always need people who like to help prepare apartments for new tenants; people who take pride in their work and derive great satisfaction from doing it efficiently and to high standards. Really, someone who enjoys cleaning an apartment to perfection would be just what we need ... In return, we will reward with a good wage, a flexible schedule, lots of respect and shared pride. We are looking for people with energy and character, people who will help us provide good service to our tenants. Because we believe character is more important than skills, we tend to place more importance on character. Put plainly: if you think you are of high character, please apply even though you may be deficient in some required skills.

We are seeking energetic persons with maturity, intelligence and solid common sense, people who will solve problems, not be the problem. Flexibility is rated high as the needs of the job vary depending on seasonal and other factors. We believe the job is not difficult, especially if done in an efficient, caring and professional manner. Several aspects of the job require timeliness, so the ability to organize well is a must. Having access to an automobile is also a requirement, as are strong references. anaySalary will depend on experience and promise.

Feel free to apply for a job.

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