Apartment Rentals: Lamont Apartments, Pullman, WA: apartment 12.

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COUGAR TWO: 1810 Lamont Street NW, apartment 12; Pullman, Wa 99163

They had just stepped out of the reception hall, and into Jay’s new Toyota Camry. The car had been waiting at the end of the covered canopy.
               “Gosh, Jay, my wedding dress will get ruined!” Ally exclaimed with a tone of impending disaster.
               “What do you mean?”
               “The rain! The damned rain will ruin my wedding dress!! How am I to walk from the parking lot to your, pardon, to our apartment?”
               “Mmm,” was all that Jay could say.
               “I’m afraid the Wedding Dress Rental people will charge us through the yin yang,” Ally went on.
               “Don’t worry dear, I assure you, it’ll be fine. Real fine.”
               “Jay, look where you’re going, dear. You just missed our turn,” Ally let out almost losing her cool. It was beginning to look like the start of their first matrimonial spat. Behind the wheel, Jay looked unperturbed.
               “I’ve got it under control, relax!” Jay answered in his post-marital calmest while driving north on South Grand. Poor Ally had no clue about where they were headed. Her mother’s last words after the ceremony came to the rescue: “Always avoid conflict, if you want your marriage to go smoothly.” She shut her eyes and clenched her teeth while trying to breathe deeply. A couple of minutes later she felt the car coming to a full stop. She opened her eyes. She had no idea where they’d come. Jay stepped out of his car, resolutely walked to the opposite side, and ceremoniously held the door open for her. What the heck were they doing here? -- The question ignited her mind. With an enigmatic expression in his handsome face, Jay ceremoniously reached for her hand. Still remembering her mother’s wise advice, she let herself be led. She became aware she was in a covered parking space facing some door. Her wedding dress would not get wet. This mattered most in her mind. She calmed down in curious anticipation. Jay led her around the front of the car, into the corridor and up a stairway. When they got to apartment #12, Jay opened the door and proudly uttered:
               “Welcome home, dear!” He bent toward her, lifted her off her feet and crossed the threshold. This was Jay’s wedding surprise. They were moving into a new, better apartment.

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Apartment entry
Apartment entry is on the third floor. The carpeted interior corridor leading up to the apartment has great noise-reduction and heat-saving characteristics -- there's hardly any heat loss from opening your front door. Because this is not an external entry, a sense of enhanced privacy and security is attained.
entry corridor
The apartment's interior entry corridor leading to the living room.
From the living room: a glimpse of the kitchen and of the corridor leading to the bedroom and bathroom.
The spacious living room has a large picture window.
Some interesting views from the third story altitude.
A lovely kitchen with ample cabinet space and good appliances.
Plenty of cupboards.
Convenient and contemporary.
linen closet
There's a linen/pantry closet in the corridor leading to the bedroom and bathroom.
The bedroom has a large picture window with some open horizons.
Calming distant views.
The bathroom is across the corridor right outside of the bedroom.
There are two large closets, yours and possibly somebody else's, in the bedroom.
Contemporary, full tub-and-shower bathroom.
Contemporary, full tub-and-shower bathroom.
Your very own private covered parking.
And your very own lockable storage space in front of your private parking spot.

Spacious, classier one-bedroom apartments, well-constructed, easy to heat, with exceptional indoor quietness, plenty of closets, covered parking and free lockable outside storage. Here's the floor plan and here's the Apartment Locator. 

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