Apartment Rentals

Pullman, Washington and Moscow, Idaho
Apartments and Houses


THIS AGREEMENT is entered into on the _____ day of ________,________, between APARTMENT RENTALS, hereinafter called Lessor, and _________________________________________________________________________________________

____________________________________, hereinafter called Lessee.


1.          PREMISES. Lessee hereby rents from Lessor _____________________, #_______, located in _____________, _______.


2.          TERM. This lease commences on the ____ day of _________, ____. Lease ends on  ___/____/______. 

3.          RENT. Rent is $ ______ per month, or a total of $_______ for the duration of the lease, not including charges for special amenities. If the commencement date of this lease is other than the first day of the calendar month, an entire month's rent will be due initially, with the second month's prorated portion due and payable on the first day of the following month. Due rent not paid by the third business day of the month is considered delinquent. No payments in cash shall be accepted for rent or any other charges. Lessee shall pay rent by check or money order made payable to WASHINGTON APARTMENT RENTALS, LLC for Pullman properties or to IDAHO APARTMENT RENTALS, LLC for Moscow properties, and mailed or delivered to 1325 NE Valley Rd. #25, Pullman, WA 99163. Online payments involving credit cards, bank transfers, and the like are acceptable options (see http://www.apartmentrentalsinc.com/paylease.html).


4.          LATE CHARGE/RETURNED CHECK CHARGE. Rent is to be paid without demand in full in advance on or before the first day of each month. Idaho residents have a three-day grace period, and Washington residents, in compliance with state statute, have a 5-day grace period, after which if the total rent is not received by the close of business, a forty-dollar ($40) charge will be assessed in addition to the entire rent amount. If the delinquent rent is not received by the close of business of the fourteenth (14th) business day of the month, an additional forty-dollar ($40.00) charge will be assessed in addition to the total amount of delinquent rent.

Lessee further understands that if a check is returned from the bank or lending institution where it was drawn for any reason, there will be a forty-dollar ($40.00) charge. Such payments must be remitted to Lessor in the form of a money order or cashier's check within twenty-four (24) hours of receipt of the Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) notice. If a returned check is redeemed after the 3rd business day of the month, Lessee owes both the late charge and the NSF charge.

Failure to pay rent, late fees, or NSF charges may result in an eviction and/or in a corresponding deduction from the security deposit. If the amount of total delinquent rent owing exceeds the amount of the security deposit paid, Lessee must make up the difference; otherwise, Lesee is subject to collections and/or additional legal action. In the event it becomes necessary for Lessor to consult with an attorney in order to enforce any of the terms of this lease, Lessee agrees to pay all reasonable costs, expenses, and attorney's fees allowed by law.


5.          DEPOSITS. Lessee shall herewith pay and maintain a damage, cleaning, and security deposit as per clause 28 below to APARTMENT RENTALS to be deposited in a bank.


The deposit, to the extent refundable, shall be returned to Lessee after the end of the lease within 30 days. Lessor shall include a list of charges Lessor claims from the deposit. Charges for cleaning and damage shall be thirty dollars ($30.00) per person hour. The deposit shall be used to compensate Lessor for unpaid rent, cleaning charges, property damage, or other charges owing by Lessee.


6.          ASSIGNABILITY. Lessee hereby agrees not to assign this lease or sublet the premises without prior written permission from the Lessor and all Lessees. If the lease is assigned, the rent rate will increase to the current market rate, but in no event shall it be lowered. Lessee shall be liable for any difference between the rent required herein and that paid by the sublessor and all other obligations of Lessee hereunder. There is a service charge for subleasing (see http://www.apartmentrentalsinc.com/subleasing.html).

7.          GUESTS. Only those who have signed this agreement as Lessee shall reside in the premises except dependent children. Lessee hereby agrees that guests may stay for no more than fourteen (14) days/nights within a six-month period without written consent from Lessor. All individuals staying for more than fourteen (14) days/nights are considered to be unauthorized tenants and must submit an application for tenancy in accordance with Lessor's application process. If Lessee is determined to be allowing unauthorized tenants to reside on the premises unlawfully, Lessee is subject to eviction.


8.          CONDITION, CONDUCT, SMOKING, REPAIRS. Lessor shall keep the premises fit for human habitation, including structural components, common areas, and appliances, and shall keep the common areas reasonably safe from defects conducive to hazards of fire or accident. Lessee shall care for the premises and maintain them as they now exist except for reasonable wear and tear, and keep that part of the premises which resident occupies and uses clean and sanitary, and not permit a nuisance or common waste to occur.

Lessee is responsible for lawn care if the premises are duplex or a single-family dwelling. Lessee is responsible for keeping their walkway frontage safe and free of snow, ice, litter, or personal items that may endanger or impede other tenants or guests from using it.

Lessee shall not place hooks or other devices in any ceiling, remove furnishings, drive nails into, use glue-type picture hangers, or otherwise deface woodwork, walls, or paint without Lessor's permission. Lessee shall not permit any act of destruction or allow anything to bother or interfere with other tenants, such as causing unreasonable noise (see clause 16 below). Lessee shall notify Lessor immediately of any loose ceiling material. Lessor shall make major repairs not made necessary by Lessee's negligence or not otherwise chargeable to Lessee hereunder. All repairs made by Lessor due to Lessee's actions shall be charged thirty dollars ($30.00) per person hour if Lessor's maintenance staff can do the repairs. If a general contractor is hired to do the repairs, the repairs will be charged to the tenant at the contractor's rate.

Lessee shall also be responsible for: minor repairs and maintenance, such as plugged drains not caused by defective plumbing; damage caused by Lessee's guests; broken glass; damage caused by leakage, heat failure, or similar causes which are not promptly reported to Lessor by Lessee upon Lessee's discovery of such defect; damage caused by Lessee's failure to leave heat on during cold weather; damage caused by Lessee's improper use of heat such as from placing flammable items near heat sources; damage caused by Lessee's attachments to the premises, be they interior or exterior.

Lessee shall be responsible for other damage, specifically including repair of appliances or furniture caused by fire. Lessee understands that there will be NO rent reductions, adjustments, or other compensation due to repairs or interruption of service except as provided by law.

Lessee shall not smoke or allow smoking within or near the premises. Cleaning done by Lessor due to Lessee's smoking shall be charged thirty dollars ($30.00) per person hour plus materials. Smoking in an apartment results in a fifty-dollar ($50.00) fine to the Lessee per incident.


9.          PETS. Lessee shall not keep or harbor animals or pets of any kind on the premises without Lessor's written permission. Unauthorized pets found on the premises will result in a five-hundred-dollar ($500.00) fine plus all associated pet fees.


10.       UTILITIES. Lessor shall furnish Water ____, Garbage __ ___ (dumpster, or one can per week, where provided), Hot Water _ _, Sewer _ ___, None __N/A___, Other __N/A___. Lessee shall pay for and furnish all other utilities, including hook-up charges, if any, for TV cable, telephone, and/or internet. A charge of $50 for additional water consumption will be applied if a second adult occupies a one-bedroom, a third adult occupies a two-bedroom, or a fourth adult occupies a three-bedroom. No occupancy disallowed by local ordinance shall be permitted. The electricity and power shall be maintained by Lessee for the entire lease term. Failure by Lessee to place the electrical power in Lessee's name within two (2) business days of the start of the lease and/or maintain electricity and power in Lessee's name until the end of this lease will result in a fifty-dollar ($50.00) fine plus electrical usage.


11.       RISK OF LOSS. Lessor shall not be responsible for the loss of property by fire, theft, or any other reason not due to Lessor's negligence. If the premises are rendered uninhabitable by fire or other casualty, Lessor may, at his option, terminate this lease or repair the premises within thirty (30) business days, and upon failing to do so, or upon the complete destruction of said premises by fire or other such casualty, this lease shall cease and terminate. Rent shall be abated during periods the premises are uninhabitable. Renter's insurance is Lessee's responsibility and is strongly encouraged (though not required) by the Lessor. (See also clause 17 below).


12.       RIGHT OF ENTRY. Lessor may enter the premises at reasonable times and on reasonable notice to Lessee (time and date, if possible) to repair, inspect, and exhibit the same for sale or rent and may place a "for sale" or "for rent" sign on the property. Lessor may enter the premises without consent or notice to the residents in case of emergency or abandonment.


13.       KEYS AND LOCKOUTS. A Lessee locked out of their unit during office hours may temporarily check out the spare key from the Office Staff at no charge. Failing to return the spare key within twenty-four (24) hours will result in a thirty-dollar ($30.00) charge for key replacement. A Lessee locked out of their unit after office hours must call Emergency Maintenance to unlock their unit, resulting in a thirty-dollar ($30.00) charge. The Emergency Maintenance number can be obtained from Lessor's voicemail greeting or from http://www.apartmentrentalsinc.com/maintenance.html.


14.       CHECK-IN/CHECK-OUT. The Lessee agrees to complete, sign, and return the check-in sheet provided to note the condition of the unit at the time of move-in. This form is to be retained for check-out purposes. Lessee's failure to file this form within three (3) business days waives Lessee's right to claim that damages were present before occupancy. Other than the conditions noted on the check-in form, Lessee accepts the dwelling unit as is.

Lessee may opt to request Lessor to schedule the cleaning of the carpets (cost to be deducted from the security deposit), or to schedule professional cleaning themselves immediately prior to vacancy and so inform the Lessor. Check-out time shall be no later than 11 a.m. Should Lessee remain on the premises after 11:00 a.m. on the final lease date, Lessee will be charged one hundred dollars ($100.00) per day until wholly vacated from the residence.

Failure of Lessee to return any keys provided by Lessor will result in lock change charges. A total of sixty dollars ($60.00) will be charged if door/entry locks must be changed due to Lessee's failure to return the provided keys. Forty dollars ($40.00) will be charged to the Lessee if mailbox locks must be changed due to Lessee's failure to return the provided key.

If Lessor determines that carpets/flooring must be replaced due to Lessee's negligence, Lessee will be charged $1500.00-$2,250.00 upon move-out for the materials and labor involved in removing flooring and installing new flooring in addition to the original carpet cleaning, if performed. Lessee will not be charged for replacement if carpets/flooring must be replaced due to standard wear and tear.


15.       USE OF THE PREMISES. Lessee agrees to use the premises exclusively as a residence and to comply with all applicable laws, ordinances, public rules, and governmental regulations.


16.       EXCESSIVE NOISE. Lessee agrees to avoid causing or creating excessive noise, especially between 9:00 p.m. and 9:00 a.m. The first noise complaint made against Lessee will result in a verbal warning. Noise complaints made after the first offense against Lessee will result in a fifty-dollar ($50.00) fine per incident. Lessee is considered in direct violation of the lease agreement upon the third (3rd) complaint and is subject to additional consequences as determined by Lessor, including (but not limited to) eviction.


17.       WAIVER OF SUBROGATION. Each party releases the other from and waives any claim of recovery for loss of or damage to property arising from standard fire and extended coverage perils as defined in standard insurance policies due to negligence. Lessee shall be responsible for fire caused by Lessee's negligence and shall inform their insurers of this provision promptly.


18.       DEFAULT. If Lessee fails to pay rent or breaches this lease, Lessor may, after proper notice, file a lawsuit to regain possession of the apartment but this shall not relieve Lessee from payment of rent for the remainder of the lease term, or any rent owed.


19.       LESSEE'S WARRANTY. Lessee warrants that Lessee is 18 or over and has read and understood this lease.


20.       LEGAL FEE/VENUE. In the event it becomes necessary for Lessor to employ an attorney to enforce any of Lessor's rights under this agreement or any law of this State, Lessee agrees to pay Lessor the actual amount of all costs, expenses, and attorney's fees incurred by Lessor in connection herewith, whether or not a suit is filed. This lease shall be constructed under the laws of the State in which it was executed. The venue of any action hereunder for premises in Pullman, Washington, shall be in Whitman County, and for premises in Moscow, Idaho, shall be in Latah County.


21.       REPRESENTATION. The Application to Rent is considered a material inducement to execute this agreement. The falsity of any part of such application shall entitle Lessor to terminate this agreement.


22.       LIABILITY. All Lessees shall be jointly and individually liable for all of their obligations hereunder. It is understood that each Lessee is individually liable for all such obligations, specifically to include, but not limited to, the payment of the entire rent. It is expressly understood and agreed that each Lessee is the agent of any and/or all other Lessees on this lease.


23.       REGULATIONS. Lessor may occasionally adopt rules concerning the use of the premises and common areas, which the Lessee agrees become part of this lease and will be complied with.


24.       WATERBEDS AND ANTENNAS. Neither waterbeds nor TV/Radio antennas will be allowed without Lessor's written consent.

25.       RENEWAL. If this lease is extended or renewed, or if new Lessee signs on the lease, the security deposit and the last month's rent will be applied to the new lease. Check-out and deposit returns will only occur at the end of a renewed/extended/modified lease. Accounting and division of the security deposit between Lessees, including new or withdrawing Lessees, is their sole responsibility.


26.       A discount of 4% is available, provided the entire year's rent is paid in advance before the start or during the first month of the lease.


27.       This agreement constitutes the entire contract between the parties. It may not be modified except in writing and signed by both parties.


28.       PAYMENT STATUS. The following payments are required under this lease and are due on the dates specified. If each of said payments is not timely made, Lessor, at his option, may: (1) retain all payments received as liquidated damages and declare the lease rescinded, or (2) enforce the terms of the lease.





Security Deposit




First Month's Rent




Final Month's Rent




Pet Deposit




Pet Fee: First Month




Pet Fee: Final Month













29.       Other:



Lessee _______________________________Date ___________  

Lessee _______________________________Date ___________  

Lessee _______________________________Date ___________  

Lessee _______________________________Date ___________  
Lessee _______________________________Date ___________  


Lessor _______________________________Date ___________