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THE ZEPHYR APARTMENTS 410 S. Lilly Street; Moscow, Id 83843

Extremely close to UI campus One Bedroom 410 S. Lilly MOSCOW, ID 83843
Exterior picture of the Zephyr Apartments on 410 S. Lilly Street in Moscow, Id



410 S. Lilly, apartment 7

410 S. Lilly, apartment 9

410 S. Lilly, apartment 10

410 S. Lilly, apartment 11

410 S. Lilly, apartment 13



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Extremely close to the University of Idaho campus, The 410 S. Lilly (The Zephyr) apartments, were designed with maximum efficiency in mind. It is just across the way from the University of Idaho's Student Union Building. These eight one-bedroom dwellings feature a galley-type kitchen along one wall of the living room. The bathroom is split: the vanity and medicine chest have been placed in the bedroom so that the toilet and shower can be used without preempting the use of the vanity and vice versa. Each room has individually controlled electric heat. As you examine the layout shown below, you will notice that each apartment entry is off an interior corridor. This corridor acts as a mighty buffer between the elements outside and the apartment entry. This is a perfect environment for serious students.

This building has been thoroughly weatherized by Avista for maximum efficiency.
  • One bedroom apartments
  • 428 sq. ft.
  • Close to UI campus
  • Galley-type kitchen
  • Extremely efficient apartment homes
  • Bedroom alcove with mirror and sink
  • Stove and Refrigerator
  • Cable-ready
  • Water, garbage and sewer - free of charge
  • Shower in the bathroom
  • Completely weatherized by Avista
  • Professional in-house management
Did you know? Zephyrus, in Greek mythology, the god of the west wind. He was the son of the Titan Astraeus and of Eos, the goddess of the dawn. Zephyrus was said to be the husband of Iris, the goddess of the rainbow and a messenger of the gods. His brothers were Boreas and Notus, the gods of the north and south winds, respectively. (Encarta). The Zephyr Apartments, situated on the west part of Moscow, are the westernmost Apartment Rentals property -- a convenient way to identify them. Some, erroneously, thought the name was perhaps related to the nearby passing Zephyr trains of times gone by.

Floor plan of the one-bedrooms at The Zephyr Apartments, 410 S. Lilly Street, Moscow, Id
Note: all dimensions are approximate.

410 S.Lilly Layout

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